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So far I love it. Venting is key. I've recommended this to a lot of people. The material is heavy duty and good storage around the bicycle. Unfortunately when we installed the last pole the seam tore, sort of like putting of a fitted sheet the was too small for a bed. It did not compromise the interior of the tent.

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You will need to have weighted items in it to hold it down, or staked into the ground. The dimensions were not clear in the description, I understood that I would be 64 inches high, but at the very peak it seems over 6ft, which block my view from my window. It would be great to have the option to buy a shorter version. Finally may I recommend to include a means to hold the flaps open for the vents.

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I rolled the front flap and used paperclips on either side to keep it open. This shed fits perfectly under my deck which only has 54" clearance from the ground to the under side of the deck. At the moment, I'm storing my brush chipper, snow blower, tractor snow plow blade, power washer, string trimmer, hand truck and various shovels and rakes. Soon I'll bring out the winter equipment and store my lawn mower and leaf blower.

I was able to assemble the shed by myself in about 45 minutes. Homeowner restrictions prohibit structures elsewhere on the property, but this shed is the perfect stealth solution to my storage needs. See All Buying Options. Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Bought this over the summer.

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Used Amazon local installers to build. I probably could have done it after watching the installers, but they did it in 2 hours and i am sure i would have spent a weekend doing it. Very secure and sturdy. Could have used a shelf but do not think the walls can hold much weight. Overall, this shed is exactly what you expect from a resin, assemble-yourself shed.

It took me about 35 mins to assemble by myself. With another person it may go a little faster. I purchased this to modify to hold my portable generator which I leave connected to my house all the time. My Generac W generator is kind of bulky, but it fits perfectly inside this shed with plenty of room to spare. The shed back was a little warped making it difficult to get it into the proper location so the screws will hold it in place, but after some manhandling I was able to get it to fit properly.

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I made a 3x5 platform out of concrete paver stones for a more solid base and then anchored it down with a couple masonry screws. If you are buying this to use for an I purchased this Storage Shelter to help declutter the house. To store the bikes all you have to do is place the front wheel between the uprights.

If you want to lock your bikes you can use a chain or oversize padlock with ease. This vertical rack holds up to 4 bikes in staggered horizontal rows. This is a bit of a unique bike stand. It sits on the floor with a wide, stable base. On the vertical riser are four height-adjustable arms that hold your bikes in position. There is no need for any additional hardware, mounting to the wall, mounting to the floor or anything else. Indoor storage and outdoor storage are both perfectly viable options. Each one comes with a few pros and cons, however, that you should be considering before you make a commitment.

This is a great option if you have a large garage or pole barn. I would say that if you use your bike every day a floor stand where your bike remains on the floor is ideal for quick use. These mounts help keep your floor space free. Usually, you screw a rack or hooks into the wall where you can then lift up your bike and hang it on the wall.

If done right they look nice, are easy to use, and keep things organized. Maybe the biggest drawback here is that you need enough strength to lift your bike up and down so elders or people with health issues may struggle. Tents are lightweight, portable, pop-up style sheds that keep rain, wind, and elements off of your bike.

Also, securing your bike means running a locking chain out to a pole or tree nearby. Sheds usually are either plastic or metal unless you build your own. Most sheds can lock securely and hold bikes. Usually, you can find a way to secure them to the ground, the building, the cement, or something else and then you can lock your bike down to them. Covers are similar to tents but simpler.

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Lean your bike up against the wall, put the kickstand down, or chain it to the tree. Before you go buying a fancy wall rack or floor stand, consider how hard it will be to put together. Some of these have adjustable parts, moving components, or have to be bolted together in a certain way. Usually, this is no big deal for those with mechanical inclination but some may find it difficult.

Maybe the least mechanically tilted storage options are small plastic bike sheds usually very easy to assemble , bike covers, and tents. Maybe this is a give-me but remember that you may have more bikes in the future. Take into account how many bikes are in the household and how many you might accumulate. Which one is best for you, only you can decide! The Suncast Stow is our Editor's Choice as the best bike storage solution with its combination of versatility, features and value. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Yard Stash is the best bike storage shed for those with minimal space and a tight budget. The Blooma Shiplap Wooden Bike Shed is just as good for storing your gardening items, kids toys and a whole bunch of other items as it is keeping.. This spectacular metal bike store has an integral metal floor, security padlocks and two stainless steel hasps which will deter burglars and make sure that anything you place..

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Plenty of room in here for two adult bikes and more. There are a couple of issues, mainly around customization costs that seem more necessary than a luxury,..

Securing your bikes in the garden used to be a matter of just leaving them lying around. But this high security bike store changes all that. It has.. This metal bicycle shed is the perfect place to store your bicycles.

This metal storage unit is incredibly useful, and features a completely removable lower front panel. This allows you to have a unit that can store taller items. This spectacular metal bike shed has an integral metal floor, security padlocks and two stainless steel hasps which will deter burglars. It also has a heavy duty ground..

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One of the wider and larger bike sheds, this bike shed is a handsome looking rough sawn overlap board for extra strength. Stylish yet functional, it will store.. This bike shed is a handsome looking unit available in overlap, tongue and groove or rustic cladding board for extra strength.

best deals on bike sheds Best deals on bike sheds
best deals on bike sheds Best deals on bike sheds
best deals on bike sheds Best deals on bike sheds
best deals on bike sheds Best deals on bike sheds
best deals on bike sheds Best deals on bike sheds

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