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What information do we collect? Telephone number.

Email address. Date of birth. Employment details including income. Details of expenditure. Passport information.

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Driving licence details. Bank details. Credit history.

Getting young drivers on the road for less

Insurance details. Information regarding your dependents. IP addresses. Transaction and credit card information. When collecting this type of data, which is optional if you provide it or not, we will inform you of the reason we are asking for the information and how we will use it.

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The statistics will not include information that can be used to identify any individual. This information does not identify users in any personal capacity and we do not use this information to build profiles on individual users. Credit Reference Agency — their role 4. We will use the personal information you have supplied to us and the CRA will provide us with information about you. Public information includes your name, date of birth, address and previous addresses, whether you are on the electoral roll, any county court judgments against you and whether you have been declared bankrupt.

Whilst your account information is shared by businesses such as the banks, building societies, car loan firms and mobile phone companies. This data includes credit applications attempts you have made to get credit, whether they were successful , lenders you have dealt with, credit limits you have and whether you have made payments correctly and on time.

It will also show details of credit card balances and repayments and sometimes bank account balances. Such searches will be recorded on your credit file leaving a footprint and this allows other lenders and organisations to see when and how many times your credit information has been accessed.

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Third-party lenders 4. This works by inputting your car details and the platform will give you the respective car insurance price. Pay close attention to the terms of the policy, as insurance providers may make some exemptions in their coverage.

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Examples include your age, location, vehicle type, participation fee , and whether the car will be used for private or commercial purposes. As a car owner, you must exercise caution before you invest in car insurance.

Start your search for the right car insurance here! What is Experian? They empower consumers and their clients manage data with confidence. They help individuals to take […]. This article was originally published on June 21, and was updated on October 16, The key to managing your credit card successfully—and avoiding missed payments—is planning where and when to pay for your monthly bill. With many options available […]. Modern phones are sleek, more technologically advanced, and more functional.

Just Add Fuel® available from age 18 with Telematics

On the flip side, smartphones are […]. Before you hit the road and enjoy your newfound freedom, […]. This article was originally published on November 22, and was updated on October 11, Customers can purchase 30, 60 or 90 days cover and have the added option of a 7 or 14 day renewal for a quick boost before their test! The policy ends as soon as the learner passes their test.

This policy will also cover whoever is supervising the learner in case they have to take control of the wheel in an emergency! Learner Driver Insurance.

Ten new cars for drivers aged that come with a year's free insurance

This Named Young Driver Insurance uses black box technology to help the young driver develop safe driving skills, and enables the young driver to start earning their own No Claims Discount. Great news for the young driver — and re-assuring for the parent.

Customers can pay monthly with no interest, or the annual premium up front if they prefer. The policy will start once the required documentation has been submitted and the black box has been fitted. Named Young Driver Insurance.

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Drive away in a brand new car with FREE insurance or a contribution towards your insurance or deposit, from the age of 17 years! Many great cars to choose from that allow you to pick the colour, trim and certain specifications! Cars For Young Drivers. Young Drivers can save money with the clever black box insurance and drive with no curfews!

car deals for young drivers free insurance Car deals for young drivers free insurance
car deals for young drivers free insurance Car deals for young drivers free insurance
car deals for young drivers free insurance Car deals for young drivers free insurance
car deals for young drivers free insurance Car deals for young drivers free insurance
car deals for young drivers free insurance Car deals for young drivers free insurance

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