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Fort St. John joined the program in Those taking part in the program get one booklet per week to take to the market. But those coupons come with a caveat—they can only be used to purchase fresh food, such as produce, meat, eggs, fish, nuts and herbs—nothing processed. Mayor Lori Ackerman was impressed by the program and how it helps those in need. Council agreed to send a letter of support for the program to the Ministry of Health in order to keep the program going.

The market plans to open on May 6 and run until mid-October. Last year, the membership made the decision to become an outdoor market and set up shop in Centennial Park, where it had a great experience and reaction from the community. The market will run every Saturday from 9 a. For more information, email fsjfarmersmarket gmail.

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Find out what's happening in your community and submit your own local events. Marie Bernardin speaks to Fort St.

Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella

Email this article to a Friend. In many ways, the princesses have become larger-than-life characters. Matt Burt, a graphic artist who works for us on special projects, came to us and asked if he could create a series of illustrations that show the princesses in strong roles. We happily agreed.

When it came to selecting the careers for the women, Matt and the team had a few goals in mind. The first was to have their career be one that made an impact. We wanted them to be succeeding in their position — either a fast-rising star or towards the top of their career ladder.

Additionally, we wanted these roles to be ones that are traditionally male-dominated. Because so many people see the princesses as a source of inspiration, we wanted to show that you can succeed in a career that you want, even if it is outside of societal and gender norms. Finally, we wanted to make sure their career fit the personality and characteristics of the princesses.

Overall, Matt said Jasmine was his favorite princess to illustrate. Ariel has always excelled in music, having natural talent and a passion for singing.

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Considered the best of her talented sisters, Ariel took her skills and made it her career. Aurora knows how hard it is to wake up. After being awoken from her enchanted sleep, Aurora made it her career to help others stay awake — and what better way to do that than coffee! There was always much more in store for Belle than a provincial life.

Inspired by her love of books and knowledge, Belle went into academia. After receiving her doctorate in education, Belle has risen to the level of chancellor at a major university. She is committed to affordable and equal education for all. While she has her Fairy Godmother to thank, Cinderella would not be where she is without the help of her animal companions. She used her position of influence to found a non-profit organization committed to promoting animal rights. Elsa, Anna, and the citizens of Arendelle know a few things about the effects of climate change.

While their companion Olaf may love summer, the sun, and all things hot, Anna and Elsa recognize what a rising global temperature might mean. They have dedicated their careers to studying climate change and presenting accurate, well-sourced information. A natural politician, she now advocates for her country of Agrabah at the United Nations. Merida competed for her own hand in marriage, so why not for a gold medal in the Olympics?

Skilled in both archery and horseback riding, Merida competes for her country in multiple events.

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  • Danielle Wade to star at Huron Country Playhouse!

The sea has always called to Moana. What it taught her is that she is a natural leader, guiding her people and returning them to their ancient voyaging traditions.

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Using these strengths, Moana has excelled in the Navy, rising to the rank of lieutenant commander. Already want to play it again! I had a free game coming, and I was looking for a good SE to grab. I've gotten all-too spoiled to CE's and all of the morphs, achievements, and other extras.

My clicking around landing me on this little gem. Once I saw it also had a CE, I was a little bummed. Sounded like the SE was just as good as if not a little better than the CE!! I say better because I've never been interested in using the CE-available wallpapers or music on my computer, so… Oh, happy day! Finding morphs to "boost" your hint is a cool way to go.

Finding extras that add up to parables and other Cinderella bios were fun, as well. Normally, I would rather have an interactive map, but navigation wasn't too daunting, so it wasn't a big deal. Of course that may be because there was one bio I didn't find all of the pieces to, and it is driving me nuts! Rated 5 out of 5 by centauri from Great game with wonderful graphics! Again a great FROG! You will dive in the world of the fairytales! There are 3 game modes.

I just can't get enough! The game is not very long; for me, a bit more than 2 hours. But just for the beauty of this game, it's well worth the money! Wow I LOVE the fact the you still get very well done morphing objects some items don't morph until you re-enter the area a couple of times, so be on the lookout even though this is only a SE. You also still get to collect parables stories or fair tale info and you also get to collect clothing ensembles for cinderellas around the globe which will get you special items after all 4 pieces of the wardrobe are collected.

The only thing you don't get with this version is the use of the strategy guide which you won't really need because the map shows areas of interest and the hint system is good and recharges faster with each morph found, and there is no bonus game. I purchased this game in the CE because I didn't think morphs would be in the SE so this game is certainly worth purchasing! The evil fairy godmother is searching desperately for the last Cinderella, the one with a pure heart, leaving beautiful women entombed in stone along the way.

You are once again a detective sent to find and protect the real Cinderella before the evil godmother finds her. This isn't really a challenging game but it is a very entertaining and fun game to play and the storyline will keep you playing to find out more! The HOS are actually FROS where you need to find objects that are fragmented or broken and when you find all the parts they will connect to become a complete object, there are no list finds in this game. Mini games are fun and easy to complete such as switching tiles to complete a picture, then another puzzle opens up beside that picture and you need to flip those tiles to complete that picture.

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The graphics are fairy tale beautiful, music and voiceovers very well done, making this another Dark Parable winner that you will want to add to your collection. Enjoy Date published: Near the end of the demo, you will also meet a charming young man from a totally different fairy tale. What purpose these will serve is unknown. Rated 5 out of 5 by tacgof from Buy the SE! I got the CE and enjoyed the game very much. I played the bonus chapter and was very let down. I wish I got the SE and saved my money.

I played the basic game twice after finishing the boring IMO and short bonus section, that's how much I love this game. The colors, story, game play and hours of fun!

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