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People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Chemical Property Examples Chemical properties can only be established by changing a substance's chemical identity, and are different from physical properties, which can be observed by viewing or touching a sample.

For example: Flammability - How easily something will burn or ignite, is a chemical property because you can't tell just by looking at something how easily it will burn. Fire testing is done to determine how difficult or easy it will be to get a certain material to burn.

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Heat of Combustion - This chemical property is the amount of energy that is released as heat when a substance is burned with oxygen. Toxicity - How much a substance can damage an animal, plant, cell, organ, or other organism is its toxicity. Materials with the chemical property of toxicity include lead, chlorine gas, hydrofluoric acid, and mercury.

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Toxicity is measured by how the lead, chlorine gas, mercury, or other substance affects the organism - basically, by how much damage it does to the organism and how quickly that damage occurs. Ability to oxidize - This is what takes place by gaining oxygen, losing hydrogen, or losing electrons, and is a chemical property that results in the oxidation number of a substance being changed. An example of this is rust. Over time, iron and steel which is made of iron will rust. However, they will rust more quickly if they are combined with pure oxygen.

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  4. Radioactivity - The emission of radiation from an atom with an unstable nucleus, is a chemical property. On the periodic table of elements, the elements that have no stable isotopes are considered radioactive. Chemical stability - This chemical property in a given environment, also referred to as thermodynamic stability of a chemical system, refers to the stability that takes place when a chemical system is in its lowest energy state - a state of chemical equilibrium, or balance, with its environment.

    This equilibrium will last indefinitely unless something happens to change the system. Half-life - This chemical property is the amount of time it will take for half of the original substance to decay. It is used in nuclear chemistry and nuclear physics to describe the time required for half of the unstable radioactive atoms in a sample to experience radioactive decay. See similar articles. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

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