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For example, do you remember collecting some 20 coupons from the packets of certain snacks and getting a packet for free in return of those coupons? Though coupons started as a physical copy, technology came up with an upgraded version of them. Now, you can offer the offline as well as online coupons. You can mail those coupons to the customers, once they purchased from your brand, or you can send physical coupons when shipping them the product.

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When you have an online store only, you can score better with the pop-up coupon. Unlike coupons, promo codes were always an effective customer retention option. Promo code stands for promotional codes and is an alpha-numeric code. It is often referred to as discount codes.

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You can use the promo code automatically or let your customers enter it manually. One of the main reasons behind preferring promo codes over coupons is that promo codes can be embedded with your purchase goals. Since you have your business online, you can keep the track of the sales that you acquired via the promo codes.

Also, you can check it later in your transaction history. When you want to clear your stock or you want to feel like there can be the so many product types in the market, you can go ahead with the special deals.

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You can get started any day and any time for special deal offers. However, if you are into the retail sector and own a physical shop as well, we would suggest you to choose the weekend deals. Weekends are the best days for shopping maniacs and your weekend deals can be a heartwarming gift for them. You can check for the daily deals, targeting a particular product category. This can be an amazing idea to give for better exposure at the beginning of your business. So, you can get the products in stock as per your customer responses.

You can also opt for certain stock clearance sales when you are planning to go and refresh your stock.

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If you are unsure about it now, you need to research a bit. Finally, the customer can redeem a coupon if you provide GUI which lets them input the code, which then calls RedeemCoupon. Example Case: Inventory Item Coupon The most straightforward way to use coupons is gifting an inventory item. Once you have created your catalog, you can generate coupons for regular items by following the instructions above.

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There are no other special steps for this case. However, bundles can be used to convert inventory items seamlessly into groups of items or Virtual Currency. In the VC example, you should create a new bundle item, with VC contents. Set the bundle to expire in 15 seconds. This way, the player will immediately see the VC as soon as they open the bundle, and they won't see the intermediate item:. In fact not only they remember but they also recommend to others.

This phenomenon helps your brand grow. Hence, this word-of-mouth marketing can do wonders for your sales stats as well. Help you drive more traffic looking for discounts on your website.

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And trust me, people love discounts regardless of how much money they have got. Certainly, coupons help you attract organic as well as direct traffic recommendations, word-of-mouth, etc. Following coupon plugins are considered the best solution for displaying coupons, deals, and offers, etc on your WordPress site. Also, these plugins help you to build a Coupons or Deals site easily. Note — This list is not in any specific order, however, we have recommended few plugins at the end of the article. Read on…. Though the Coupon Creator is a free WordPress Coupon plugin for creating and managing customized coupons.


But the paid version is also available, using which you can set the expiry date of coupon and how many times specific coupon could be used. Followings are key features of Coupon Creator:. It is simple to use and feature-rich to customize digital coupons. You can easily create coupons to showcase deals, offers or coupons for products and services with WP Coupons and Deals. With this plugin, you can manage to get some basic and simple features to display coupons on your website. Coupon Popup is an emerging free WordPress Coupon plugin. You can easily build beautiful coupons in posts, pages, and sidebar using short-codes.

Also, it is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. Magic WP Coupons allows you to turn your website into a fully fetched coupon site.

This free WordPress Coupon plugin helps you in creating attracting coupons and control them. Social Offers is comparatively a new plugin.


This WordPress Coupon plugin allows you to display overlay perks like ebook, template, coupons or file as rewards for social activities like social share, email subscription, etc. Have you ever faced that situation when you are not sure what gift should you buy to present someone?

go to site You have many questions like what to buy, will it be liked by the person, if not how you can process a return, etc. To get rid of all the trouble of pre and post buy-a-gift, you can buy someone a Gift Card of any worth you want.

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