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If none of the tricks above work for you, why not try Uber instead? UberX is nearly identical to Lyft and it operates in all of the same cities as Lyft — and more. I may receive a bonus from Uber if you use my promo code. The promo codes listed on this page are my personal codes, and I may receive a bonus from Uber or Lyft if you use them.

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I am not using Lyft or Uber again. I have a fixed income at 68 years old. I have a broken back with severe scoliosis and needed the pain medication so had little choice but to use the ride. But never again.

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Your email address will not be published. These Tricks Work. I will receive a bonus from Lyft if you use my promo code. We have gathered Lyft Promo Codes for new users by doing some rigorous online research. Before it lets give you a few ideas to save more at Lyft. Keep a regular eye on your email. Lyft rewards its existing users with coupon codes and other promotional offers throughout the year. So, check it regularly.

Follow Lyft on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms so that you get a regular update of its offers. Promo Codes & Discount Codes Existing Users

Driver Bonus. Now you are an existing user. But there are a few ways for existing users to earn free credit for their next rides. Listed below are some of those processes. The free credit may vary for different cities. It may be difficult, almost improbable, to get free ride Lyft promo code for existing users, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy a free ride courtesy of the competition.

Still, Uber is the most popular ridesharing company, and it operates in a broader market than Lyft. You can download their app then enter a new user coupon to get free credits deposited to your account.

Lyft Coupons & Promo Codes

Grabbing a discount as a new user on your first ride is simple. Just scroll down and select a code to enter into the lyft app. Many banks that issue credit cards are offering ways for you to save money while using your favorite rideshare service. If you add one of these credit cards as your payment form in the Lyft app then you could access various ways listed below to reap rewards.

Why Existing Users Should Use Lyft Promo Codes

The most practical way for a Lyft user to earn free ride credit is by using an Uber coupon code for a free ride. This program rewards existing users with free ride credits by referring family and friends to use the app.

We have a few below to get you started, and multiple promotional codes throughout this article as well. A Lyft promo code for existing users is very, very rare and non-existent at the moment.

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As an existing user, you are not eligible to redeem all the easy-to-find Lyft new user credit codes. Anther way Lyft is offering discounts is during events or holidays. During election day they had a special offer for passengers.

Existing Rider: Get a discount code to try new products

Starting December the Lyft rewards program rewards will allow loyal customers to earn points for every dollar you spend. The program is in its infant stages and Lyft is looking to improve the program by listening to rider feedback. The Lyft All-Access plan is a subscription-based saving for users that use the rideshare service on a regular basis.

The plan is targeting people who do not own a car but need convenient and affordable transportation. You are not locked into a contract and have the option to cancel at any time.

When they download the app, sign up for an account, and enter your referral code, they get to take their first free ride. Additionally, you may find out more information about how to refer a friend directly from Lyft. To see your Lyft referral code, log into your account on Lyft. You can share the link with your contacts via email, on social media platforms and even text message. Alternatively, print out the referral code on a card and hand them to the people you know to get a free ride credit when they sign up and use it.

When they download the app and sign up for an account, ask them to use your referral code and use the free ride credits to pay for your ride. With this simple trick, the two of you can enjoy a smooth free Lyft ride from point A to B without spending a cent.

4 Types of Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users

There are various valid Lyft promo codes for new users to get off of their first ride, which can equal a free ride. We will continuously update this page as new codes become available. Remember, these discount codes are only valid for your first ride as a new user.

lyft coupons existing users Lyft coupons existing users
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lyft coupons existing users Lyft coupons existing users
lyft coupons existing users Lyft coupons existing users
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Lyft coupons existing users

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